Six Semesters Curriculum


This fun new curriculum is specifically designed for ages 0-4 and a parent. By providing a solid music and preschool foundation, Sound Beginnings prepares students for success in Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten! The curriculum is organized into six non-sequential semesters. Each semester is four months long and provides experience with important music concepts and skills through different songs and games. These music lessons for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers include singing, movement, games, stories, and activities, focusing on different concepts each semester.

Each semester explores all of the Foundational Elements.  In addition, each semester specializes in 3 preschool topics and has a unique percussion instrument.  See below for the list of the fun!

Student materials - $35 per family, each semester

  • Song & Activity CD – Each Semester CD is packed with 41 songs, games and activities to enjoy in class and at home!
  • Student Workbook – Pointing pages, coloring, cutting, matching and more! Each Workbook is specially designed to teach music lessons to toddlers at home and in class. There are no homework assignments, just lots of games and activities to enjoy at home as often as you like.
  • Percussion Instrument – a different instrument each semester! Each is a high-quality simple percussion instrument.
  • Tote Bag - a one-time purchase of a Sound Beginnings tote bag will keep it all together

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Materials available only through enrolling with a certified Sound Beginnings teacher.  Begin here to find a teacher in your area!

Additional Sessions

New in 2021, we now have an additional session available for Sound Beginnings: "Sand & Sea".  This shortened session is intended to be taught in 8 weeks. The Student Book, Student Soundtracks and giant blue dancing scarf make up the Student Materials set for $25. 

Our music lessons for toddlers cover music and preschool concepts with an emphasis on feelings and counting.

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To enroll, search for a Sound Beginnings teacher in your area and contact  for class availability.

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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

Sound Beginnings Teacher:
'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

Presto Teacher:
accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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