Sound Beginnings Teacher Testimonials

"I love teaching Sound Beginnings! I found the training to be highly valuable and so much fun! The lesson plans are fantastic - clear and concise. I especially love the camaraderie between the teachers."

Jera Farnsworth – teacher in Queen Creek, AZ


"I attended the Sound Beginnings training at Symposium in June, and I came back from that weekend feeling motivated and more confident in my ability to teach the program. Seeing the movements and actions helped me to better visualize each activity, and I especially appreciate that the individual videos are available on INFO House to watch later as needed. My favorite part of the teacher support so far has been the community on the Facebook group for Sound Beginnings teachers -- what a great resource! It's easy to quickly see ideas from other music teachers and to ask for suggestions to improve our own classes. I'm excited to start teaching my own Sound Beginnings classes this fall so I can see everything come together!”

Heather Ann Johnson – teacher in Pittsburgh, PA


"I love teaching Sound Beginnings because we ask so very little of the families and they get so much in return. There's no daily practice, no homework, nothing hard to memorize, they just have to show up. Even if that's all they did all semester--show up--they would have a great experience! I love supporting families in my community this way. Teaching sound beginnings is like eating dessert first, it's just fun. But in this case the dessert is actually really nutritious and good for you!"

Bekah Jennings – teacher in Mesa, AZ


"This is my third year teaching Sound Beginnings- and I can tell you it is a life changing program for many of these little kids and moms that come to class! I have had several students completely change their behavior because they come and participate in the weekly class. Several have started the semester out crazy and out of control, then become attentive and responsive because the music and structure of the class completely gives them focus and excitement about what is happening. Music is so powerful. It opens and expands these young kids minds. I love it, the kids love it, the moms love it-- it's always a success! I feel so lucky to see the impact music has in these families' lives!”

Michelle Johnson – teacher in McKinney, TX


"Sound Beginnings is so delightful! The curriculum is excellent preparation for Kindergarten and Let's Play Music all while being so fun, light and playful. I love being a part of creating special, memorable moments with parents and their precious little ones. Sound Beginnings is easy to teach, adds more joy to my life, and it makes my day to see those cute smiling faces come through my door."

Lily Hight – teacher in Orem, UT


"Sound Beginnings is the highlight of the week for many of my students. They love the time with mom, they love the music and they love being in class. What they don't realize is how much they're learning as they participate in rich activities. They just know how fun it is!"

Tanja Anderson – teacher in Bountiful, UT


"I love teaching Sound Beginnings because it energizes me! The reactions of this age group of kiddos and their parents are so fun and full of life each week. The classes are fast paced and move quickly from one engaging activity to the next, using so much early literacy awareness, music theory and FUN it is amazing. The curriculum is brilliant and was written clearly and simply enough to easily implement in a busy studio. I found Sound Beginnings because I took it with my 3 year old and she is so well prepared for Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten and has had great success because of her experiences."

Robin Flores – teacher in Windsor, CO

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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

Sound Beginnings Teacher:
'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

Presto Teacher:
accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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