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We are excited to Connect with excellent piano teachers and help them become acquainted with our methods and philosophies in order to understand the background of our graduates. Let’s Play Music students complete our 3-year group class curriculum well-prepared to begin private piano lessons.

To become an endorsed Connections piano teacher, and be listed on our website*, just complete the following steps:

Step #1 - Get to Know Us: Discover how our 3-year curriculum progresses and observe our students and teachers in action by watching a demo video and responding if you want more information.

Step #2 - Pleased to Meet You:  Once you’ve learned all about us, we would love to get to know you, too! Complete an application and submit a brief 'show and tell' video interview. (video instructions will be emailed to you)
Step #3 - Join the Family:  Meet in person with your local Let's Play Music teacher by arranging to observe a live class or attend a Connections Presentation. Pay a one-time membership fee ($35) that includes your Connections Materials Package, your endorsed teacher listing on our website, and a subscription to our Quarterly Connections Newsletter. Once you submit your fee, your materials package will be shipped to you and your name and contact info will be listed on our website. Parents of our graduates will visit our site to search for piano teachers that have participated in our Connections program and are ready to connect with their child.

*If you don’t wish to be listed on our website, but still wish to teach our graduates, just watch the Connections Student Book video tutorials, learn about our curriculum, and be sure to use the review book (8 lessons) with your students. 

*Not interested in teaching our graduates, but want to enjoy Connections Membership? You can enjoy our Connections Materials Package and our Connections Newsletters by joining for a one-time $35 fee. MORE INFO

Begin now by submitting your email address and watch for more details to come to your inbox!  We will walk you through each of the above steps to becoming an endorsed Connections teacher and enjoying the benefits of Connections Membership.

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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

Sound Beginnings Teacher:
'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

Presto Teacher:
accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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