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Below are other sources and more details for you to decide whether becoming a teacher is right for you. At any time if you have specific questions, feel free to Contact Us.


Lesson Plans

A great way to see what it's really like to be a teacher is to get a hold of our Lesson Plans! We think you'll find them fascinating! You'll notice the detailed instruction, clear layout and easy reference style. You'll also be amazed adn the sophisticated concepts introduced through play. Every week is defined to make teaching any of our curricula - Let's Play Music, Presto or Sound Beginnings - simple and fun! Click below for a sneak-peek of each of our curricula Lesson Plans.

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Curriculum Comparison

Maybe you're wondering which of our curricula is best for you. Which age group is more appealing, which matches up best with your skill set, or which fits your lifestyle the best. We hope this overview is helpful in deciding.

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Let’s Play Music’s Licensing Fees Include More

Our Licensing Fee includes more.  Not only will you get the rights to use all curriculum and all the materials to go along with it, you will also get training and mentoring that simply aren’t available anywhere else.  You’ll be trained in person and then carefully mentored for the entire 3 year certification period by our expert licensing teams.  You’ll also get training on running your business including recruiting training.  Let’s Play Music’s teacher certification program is dedicated to your studio’s success.


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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

Sound Beginnings Teacher:
'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

Presto Teacher:
accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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