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"Amazed with the technique and theory instruction...."


This program has been AMAZING for my daughter. She had taken piano for a couple of years before getting into the program and while she enjoyed it well enough, she truly began her love for playing the piano when she started this program. It is engaging, fun, interactive, and so exciting. Her instructor is not only well trained and knowledgeable, but knows just how to get the kids involved and excited. My daughter comes home from piano so excited to show me everything she learned. She wants to practice as soon as she gets home from practice, which isn't usually the case with piano lessons. As a pianist myself, and as a mom, I have been amazed with the technique and theory instruction. Not only is it a fun, enjoyable experience, but the complete music training has left me pleasantly surprised. I am beyond impressed with this program and what it has done for my daughter's musical abilities as well as her self-confidence. I would recommend this program to anybody who is looking for an entertaining, exciting, well-rounded, theory-based program. ~ Lynsey Cuff, parent


"Piano lessons have never been so good!"


I love having my kids involved in the Presto program! Piano lessons have become engaging, interactive, and most of all FUN! My kids learn about theory, timing, technique and they love it! The program has even helped me to better understand rhythm and counting in music because the "one and two ands" never made sense to me. It is a lesson packed with a broad approach to music with ear training as well as sight reading. My kids have developed playing skills appropriate for their age while also being able to progress as fast as they would like because the learning method is in place. Piano lessons have never been so good! ~ Rachel Morrell, parent


"11 year old athletic boy who loves piano lessons....."

Natasha Dansie.jpg

To say that an 11-year-old athletic boy loves piano lessons may seem too good to be true, but participating in the Presto Piano program has made this a reality for my son. The program is a well-rounded approach with specific instructions that motivate him with goals that are both challenging and attainable. He was a "late-starter" to the piano, and not particularly innately musically inclined, but Presto has built his confidence and given him the foundation he needs to be successful as a pianist. ~ Natasha Dansie, parent



"Presto really is the entire package."

Tosha Goodman.jpg

I love everything about the Presto program. It is an excellent program from the older beginner. My 12 year old had thoroughly enjoyed the program. It has kept his attention while teaching beginner piano skills. Not only does my student learn the piano but he gets piano theory, technique and ear training. It really is the entire package and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have 10 years of piano experience and my beginner Presto student already has as much theory training as I do. He has excelled quickly in the Presto program. Thank you Let’s Play Music for producing such a wonderful program. ~ Tosha Goodman


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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

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'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

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accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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